Paraiso Quetzal Lodge

Hotel and Environment

During your stay at Paraíso Quetzal Lodge, you will be immersed in exuberant vegetation and pristine habitat where you will get to know the most intimate secrets of the region.

An extension of 80 hectares contains a wealth of fascinating and unique flora and fauna. More than 140 species, many of them are unique in Costa Rica, makes this place a birdwatcher's dream.

Paraíso Quetzal Lodge has managed to respect and safeguard its natural environment, the Cloud Forest. Its varied fauna, especially the quetzal, make this place unique in the world.

This effort to preserve nature has been recognized on many occasions with, among others, the following awards:

  • National Geographic Certificate.
  • Blue Flag for Ecology
  • Best businessman - Consumibles.
  • Hidrographic Basin Recognition.
Paraiso Quetzal Lodge Bandera Azul Ecologica
Paraiso Quetzal Lodge Bandera Azul Ecologica
Paraiso Quetzal Lodge National Geographic

During your stay you will enjoy our traditional breakfast after the Quetzal Tour early in the morning. In the afternoon, the magical sunset over the calm and quiet valley makes your cabin the best place to rest and drink a cup of coffee.


You will stay in a beautiful cabin built from pine wood, a comfortable and friendly place with spectacular views of the mountains. You can enjoy a natural incomparable environment with two types of accommodation: Standard and Superior.

Superior Cabins

30 m2 cabins for two people with splendid views to the cloud forest of Talamanca. Equipped with king-size bed, Jacuzzi, hot water, space heating, television and coffeemaker.

Standard Cabins

25 m2 cabins for two, three or four people with views of the cloud forest of Talamanca. Equipped with space heating, hot water and coffeemaker.

Restaurant Los Colibríes

The heat of the fireplace and a harmonious environment is the perfect way to savor the traditional and delicious Costa Rican cuisine, cooked on a firewood stove.

Enjoy views of the splendid landscape of forests and mountains through the windows of the restaurant, or on the balcony from which you can see hummingbirds feeding in mid-flight! A very special place where our visitors can enjoy direct contact with nature.

Restaurant with free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Quetzal Gallery

Enjoy a selection of the best photographs, taken by visitors of the hotel and surroundings.