Paraiso Quetzal Lodge

Quetzal Paradise Tour

A gentle 1.5 km walk through the cloud forest will lead you to the Quetzals habitat. The hike will take approximately 2 hours, led by a professional guide equipped with spotting scope and bird guide , will provide detailed explications along the way.

Epiphytes, such as orchids and bromeliads, adorn the trees, making this tour a most gratifying experience en route to your encounter with the Quetzal. Despite its normally reticent and silent behavior, the male, during the mating season, sometimes emits a wide range of sounds to attract a nearby female and so initiate their reproductive cycle.

Paraíso Quetzal is located in one of the most prolific zones for this bird species, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Taking the Quetzal Paradise Tour will give you the highest possible chance of enjoying an unforgettable close encounter with this mystical Mesoamerican bird.

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Talamanca Trekking

A path that wanders through a primary landscape along 14km in which one can enjoy visits to two pristine crystalline waterfalls.

Within this impressive jungle, the visitor tends to have the sensation of being followed by hundreds of denizens throughout the trip. Finally, you reach the beautiful town of Copey de Dota, nestled in a tranquil, scenic valley filled with fruit trees where one may observe a variety of mammals. The trip ends at the historical church, declared as a cultural heritage site.

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Highlands Birding Tour

This tour is specifically for bird lovers. During the daylong trip, one may have the fortune to observe up to 150 species, many of them being endemic to Costa Rica.

Accompanied by an expert from Paraíso Quetzal, one may enjoy the experience of observing and identifying a diversity of birds with unique characteristics, as well as receiving intimate knowledge of the area.

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Self-Guided Tours

Zeledonia Trail: With a longitude of 1.5 Km, this route invites you to be immersed in the Cloud Forest, close to a beautiful stream where we can appreciate one of the many great mountain Cyprus trees, approximately one thousand years old.

The energy that you absorb from this moss-covered jungle, rich in bird species, is a unique sensation. Streams with crystalline waters will lead you a scenic waterfall called "Las Bromelias" and from there you continue on to explore this magisterial forest.

Danta Trail: Along a winding 4 Km route, live the experience of immersing yourself in the territory of the Danta (Tapir), a mammal not common and difficult to encounter. However, one may be lucky to find a path, discover its tracks and feel close to a special habitant.

Pausing for a moment and listening carefully, you can hear the beautiful birds moving about amongst the branches, cautiously so as not to alert predators.

Throughout your hike in this primary habitat, more than 600 years old, you will discover ancient oaks surrounded by mystery and cloaked in hanging mosses giving the impression of old beards.

Path of Ferns: Along a mere 700m, you will be astounded by a great number of tree ferns whose origins date back to the prehistoric dinosaurs.

Discover the endemic anthuriums, a species of plant that accentuates our sense of life in this forest.

The Giants private reserve: The walk will take you through 4 km of oaks and other centenary trees, unique to Cost Rica. You will cross over the origin of the Parrita River, crystalline streams and the awesome Virginia cascade. During the course of the morning, you will be surrounded by a special tranquility and note the sound of the wind moving through the tops of the tree giants, full of life.

El Caracol cascade trail: The visitor will experience the largest waterfall on the Parrita River, crashing down on an immense rock bathed in the purest water and surrounded by exuberant vegetation. The trail takes you through an area of secondary growth in recuperation, rich in diverse flora and avifauna.

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